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Have you been told that you are fine despite not feeling like it? Have all your labs come back “normal” yet you still feel exhausted and not like yourself? Are you wanting to get to the root cause of your symptoms but not sure where to go next?


At The Whole Tulip, we believe the single most important thing we do to help our clients live and feel better is helping each person understand their bio-individuality. Bio-individuality is simply a fancy way of saying every person’s nutritional requirements are unique. The foods and lifestyle choices that make one person feel their best may have the opposite effect on someone else. By understanding one’s bio-individuality we understand the foods that fuel our bodies and make us feel good versus the ones that drain our energy and tax our bodies. Bio-individuality is central to The Whole Tulip’s approach to personalized health coaching.


While anyone can benefit from personal coaching, the clients who are generally the best candidates are those who have:

  • Specific health concerns they would like to address via nutrition. We help both adults and children uncover individual food sensitivities that cause inflammation in the body and can manifest themselves as anything from general fatigue to chronic GI issues. We have helped clients detox from mold and other pathogens, balance hormones, improve energy and sleep, manage GI issues and countless other ailments.                                                                                                      

  • The need to detox safely and effectively from mold and other pathogens that could be interfering with optimal health.    

  • A desire to retune their mind for lifelong health. By diving deep into your subconscious, you have the power to reprogram the patterns, habits and elements of your daily routines that are silently sabotaging your wellness. This process erases all resistance from your health transformation, allowing the changes to stay with you for life.                     

  • A desire to change their family’s diet. We help families find realistic solutions to move from processed to whole foods. We focus on solutions that work for both kids and adults and don’t require hours in the kitchen.


We begin each personal coaching relationship with an in-depth consultation with the primary goal of understanding your personal health challenges and specific goals. Next we create a clear, realistic plan for you to meet and exceed those goals.  Each client’s plan is different based on their bio-individuality and each plan has defined action items and goals.


Our basic personal coaching program is 3 months long and includes:

  • An in-depth initial consultation

  • A 50-minute session every other week to evaluate your progress

  • Clear action items and goals for each week

  • Email support between check-in sessions

  • Specific recipes tailored to your needs

  • Grocery shopping lists and tips


Adri has spent over 10 years cultivating relationships with various integrative practitioners who serve as collaborative resources on your road to healing. We offer both hourly consultations and health coaching packages. Our consultation rate is $75/hour. Health coaching packages are tailored to each individual’s unique needs and priced upon consultation. 

Please email us at to begin the conversation and leave with a plan for your next steps toward healing.


I also offer Customized Meal Plans with shopping lists!








If you know me, I don’t live by the motto: “tell me what to do and I will do it”. I think we are all on unique paths and in different places. Also, when it comes to eating, we don’t operate the same. We all have different things happening in our body that influence how it reacts and digests certain foods. However, I have talked to so many women who are telling me they feel so stuck. That despite what they know they should be doing, everything feels hard. Even I fall into that category at times. Our January did not go well. My son was sick for two weeks followed by two weeks of being sick myself. It took almost 3 weeks to get my body back to normal energy levels.

So, in the spirit of wanting to make things feel a little less stuck and more in the flow, I am happy to announce I am now offering customized meal plans with shopping lists!


Yep, that means, I am actually going to tell you what to eat. Easy peasy.



  • Prior to creating the meal plans, we will discuss your specific needs as well as the needs of your family.

      Some examples of meal plans types may include: 
Family Friendly Meals
Gluten and Dairy Free Meals
Crock Pot Meals
One Sheet Pan Meals
Plant Based Meals
Meals Plans for Hormonal Support
Intermittent Fasting Plans
Plans for Teenage Athletes
Low Histamine
Immune Support

  •  4 Weeks of Customized Meal Plans (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)

  •  Grocery Shopping Lists for each recipe

  •  Two 30 minute coaching sessions


Purchase this package below for a LIMITED TIME for ONLY $129/month

or ask me about multiple month bundle pricing.


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Vegetable Basket
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