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Help your Adolescent Develop a Positive Body Image

Join Rebecca Glavin of Glavin Counseling and The Whole Tulip to learn: How to help your adolescent develop a positive body image. How to help your adolescent become a critical consumer of media, both digital and print. How to support your adolescent's body image development by providing healthy and whole nutrition at meals and snack times. Date: Thursday, February 19th Time: 11:30 - 12:30 PM Place: 4724 Park Road, Suite A1, Charlotte, NC 28209 Cost: FREE

A tulip is a flower with intertwining petals, and without which, it would not make up a complete flower.
A tulip is a flower with intertwining petals, and without which, it would not make up a complete flower. If one petal is removed from the flower, it ceases, for all intents and purposes, to be complete. Like the tulip, our bodies have many layers and without proper nourishment from whole foods our bodies are not complete.

At The Whole Tulip, We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy. We also realize that the demands of everyday life often make being healthy a daily challenge. We are dedicated to helping people learn to eat better, navigate the crazy, confusing food system and in turn feel and live better.

Green Thunder Smoothie
Green Thunder Smoothie

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Do you want to eat healthy, but set aside little time for yourself to shop and prepare the right foods?

Despite trying to eat well, do you still struggle with sugar and carb cravings?

Do you find you are constantly fatigued and ready to experience how whole foods can give you an abundance of real energy and transform your life?

Are you confused by all the conflicting nutrition information in the media?

Do you want a personalized approach to reach your individual health goals?

Do you want to expand your every day recipe repertoire to incorporate more simple, fast, healthy meals and snacks that your whole family will enjoy?

At The Whole Tulip, we help do away with challenges. Our approach is simple: we meet you where you are and help come up with simple and do-able ways to get your whole family on the healthy train.